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Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month June 2017 – The Forsite Irregulars

Hello and welcome intrepid adventurer! Looking to sell a bit of that heroism for coin I take it? Good! Because I do believe I have just the job for you. The patron is a little… elusive, but the go-between guy is great, and the pay is good. You’re not afraid of Cutpurse Alley right? Excellent! That’s exactly the sort of attitude you need if you plan on joining The Forsite Irregulars – June’s Campaign of the Month! So grab your miniature and come along as we talk to TheOldSchoolDM, the world builder (figuratively AND literally) behind this fantastical campaign.


Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month May 2017 – Dresden Files: Nawlins

There is… a house… in New Orleans…. They call the Rising Sun… *sigh* if only they really knew. It’s actually a blue’s house, and the locals pronounce it Nawlins, but it’s okay. Just don’t cause any problems with certain portions of the clientele and you won’t end up like the Red Court. The place itself might be neutral ground, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find you later, I mean this is Dresden Files: Nawlins, May’s Campaign of the Month! So keep your head down and try not to look like a tourist. I’ve got us a booth in the back, GM mistaya can answer all of your questions, and should be here any minute.


Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month March 2017 – Nocturnum: Rebirth

Just when you thought that pesky Hellmouth situation was over and done with, a new batch of Outer Gods shows up to ruin everything all over again. Well fear not, good citizen, for Blake Investigations has opened its doors once again – and if there’s one thing our highly skilled staff knows about, it’s Nocturnum: Rebirth, March’s Campaign of the Month! So take a seat and GM jasonvey will be right with you to shine a little light on this universe mashup.


Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month February 2017 – God-Touched

Oh, thank the gods! You made it. Hurry, this way, we haven’t a moment to lose. I know your Visitation wasn’t that long ago, but the Order of Divine Glory is making its move. It’s time to truly become one of us, to become God-Touched, February’s Campaign of the Month! So carry your divine spark and let’s go. I’ll introduce you to Nut_Meg, the GameMaster behind this godly campaign.


Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month January 2017 – Shimmering Kingdoms

Dragons slumber in ancient halls, one day to wake and return to prominence; Barbarian tribes war with hordes of monstrous brutes for control of the untamed wilds; Meanwhile wizards toil high in their lofty towers, subsidized by the Kings, Barons and Lords they serve. It’s a realm of intrigue, danger, passion and adventure… are you prepared? Great! then come with me as we journey to Shimmering Kingdoms January’s Campaign of the Month! Our guide will be the one and only PhoenixMark, GameMaster of this far-reaching and awe-inspiring world.


Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month December 2016 – Gamma World 2754

You gotta hate it when the world goes to hell… well, usually. Sometimes it’s not so bad. Sometimes, it’s downright awesome! Like when it’s Gamma World 2754 – December’s Campaign of the Month! So get your post-apocalyptic on and join me for a ride around the wasteland of the 28th century with Omegabase, the GameMaster of this outstanding campaign.

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