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Free System Friday, Red Ash World Engine

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free, why not? This week’s offering is the Red Ash World Engine by Chris Jokinen.

Red Ash is a generic rules set for an RPG(Role Playing Game) and strategy game(in the future) that I have been working on for some time. My goals for this system is to design a complete rules set the can be used in any genre (but for now will focus on a fantasy setting). It is designed to be open, expandable, flexible and is still a work in progress.

What makes Red Ash different from other game systems is it is made from the ground up with a way to create custom races, creatures and classes. Tired of the same old Human, Elf, Dwarf selection of playable races? Make your own!

Sounds like fun! So take a gander at the rules, grab some friends, and try Red Ash today!


Free System Friday: Risus The Anything RPG

It’s Free System Friday! Feel like playing something new? Why not try something free while you’re at it! This week’s offering is Risus The Anything RPG by S. John Ross.


Risus is a complete Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to provide an “RPG Lite” for those nights when the brain is too tired for exacting detail. Risus is especially valuable to GMs assembling a quick convention game, or any late-night beer-and-pretzels outing. While it is essentially a Universal Comedy System, it works just as well for serious play (if you insist!). Best of all, a Risus character takes about 20 seconds to create

In my opinion stick figures are awesome, and stick figures with ray guns are only more so. Grab the rules, grab some friends, and play today! Don’t forget to drop S. John Ross a note of thanks, a critique, or a word of encouragement!


Free System Friday – Adventure Forge

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free! Today’s offering is Adventure Forge by Game Designer Stephen Gordon.

Adventure Forge is set in Europe a century after Rome fell to Germanic invaders. Roman tyranny is
dead, but so too is civilization. Much of what was known before is rotting away in musty books.
Treasures lie dormant in forgotten ruins. There is no magic, but the idea of magic has overtaken the
world as superstition has spread.

This setting is different in one major way from historical Europe. Small bands of Neanderthals have
survived in remote places. They stay away from large groups. Their appearance is rare enough that
people from larger towns are mostly unaware of their existence. The people who do know of them call
them “brutes.” Occasionally they attack remote villages for food and weapons. They are powerful
enemies individually, but they don’t fight in a coordinated fashion like other humans.

This is low fantasy RPG done right. Grab the rules, grab some friends, and play today!


Free System Friday: Yags is Another Game System

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free! This week’s offering is YAGS! What’s YAGS? Why YAGS is Another Game System. Yay Recursive Acronyms!

First play tested in 1995, Yags was designed as a simple, modular set of rules for low fantasy games. Today, the core rules provide a system that can be picked up and used immediately in a semi-realistic modern setting. Additional modules provide rules for creating characters in both historical and hard science fiction settings. Yags core rules are the same for any setting, and characters are compatible across settings, but the way characters are generated and the options they have available to them can change between settings and genres.

Take it from us, this system is not only a lot of fun, it’s free! Grab some players, grab the rules, and play YAGS today!


Free System Friday: Bump in the Night

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free. Today’s system is Bump in the Night.

The time is now. The place is Earth, specifically New York City. They say it’s the city that never sleeps, and that’s true – though not in the way they mean it. You see, there are two types of people that live in the city. There are the day people who get up in the morning, have their coffee and go to work or to their classes and try to get by. Occasionally they become alarmed by the violence in the local news but when they get home they have their dinner and forget about it. Sometimes, when it gets very bad, they wish to God they had stayed in Ohio.

There are also the night people. They are the homeless, the prostitutes, the criminals. They are junkies too strung out to find a shelter to crash in, or the people who sell to the junkies. And sometimes, they are dinner.

Dinner to the other night people – the beasts in the shadows, the spirits of violence and blood. The hidden night predators spoken of in myth and legend, hiding in alleys sharpening their claws and flexing their wings. In Bump in the Night RPG, you’re one of them. What are you eating tonight?

What indeed. Grab the rules and play something new right now!


Free System Friday, Newsies & Pickpockets

Extra, Extra, Read all about it! It’s Free System Friday, and that means that we’re bringing you the best new thing in free to play RPG systems. Today’s offering is a limited time one my friends, as it is the Beta release of Newsies & Pickpockets!

Being a game of imagination, role-playing and wonder by Miguel de Luis, on the
adventures of a bunch of kids earning their pluck by their own in an Edwardian
world filled with crazed inventors, fagins, strange conspiracies and exotic
foreigners from countries you never heard about and an ounce of steampunk.
¦ Try by accident a flying machine and check if the moon is on fire!
¦ Dodge bullies and pickpockets.
¦ Expose corrupt politicians.
¦ Find the true story of your real family.
¦ Look for treasure in the sewers, mind the living statues.
¦ Live at the Newsboy Lodge.
¦ Travel to exotic locations.
¦ And more, much more.

So what are you waiting for kid? Get out there and Sell those papers!

P.S. Since this is a beta test, please send Miguel your feedback and thanks!

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