Weekly Update – March 14, 2019

Another week has gone by, and so it’s time for the next update post. A number of things have transpired this cycle, with most being good, so let’s get into it.

Facebook Authentication Bug Fixed

The bug that was found in the updated implementation of the Facebook authentication protocols that caused some users not to be able to log in using Facebook has been repaired. The Facebook login should now be working for everyone.

Sci-Fi Map Markers

We’re getting closer to completion of the upcoming space/sci-fi map marker set. The techniques we are using on this set are a bit more complex (and thus take longer) since we’re working with opacity to provide a form of shading to them. I know the concern lately is for the ability to lock the markers’ position, and I’m looking into it as promised, but in the meantime, having new marker sets never hurt anybody. I’ll try to have an update on the locking potential in the next post.

Featured Campaigns / CotY

The winner’s announcement post for the 2017 and 2018 Campaigns of the Year was finally put up this week. I’m really glad to be caught up on the featured campaigns program, and I hope everyone had a good time reviewing all of those awesome campaigns and casting their votes. We’re a tad farther into March due to the delay, so depending on the turnaround time, we may start back up for April instead of trying to rush March’s winner. I’ll know for sure by next update.

The New Feature Thing

So last update, I mentioned that things were ready to commence as soon as PayPal was done and out of the way. With this week’s PayPal roll out now official and done, things are starting to move on the new feature. I should know by tomorrow how the meeting goes regarding all the mock ups and design and such, so my next update post will hopefully have more details on this.

– – –

I think that’s gonna be about it for now. See everyone next time.

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