The Future is Folding Furniture

A game set in the future, either near or far, can be ergonomically enhanced with some functional furnishings that help set the scene. A good storyteller will show evidence of what’s changed, rather than just lecturing on imaginary historical events. We also assume that our futuristic descendants will be more creative and clever than we are in the modern age, and their spaceships and cyber-apartments should help reflect that intelligence with smart designs. Let’s find some inspirations to help us illustrate and elucidate our room descriptions.


Ottoman Origami

Our assumptions about the future include a common, dystopian theme of overcrowding either due to population growth, rising sea levels wiping out livable land masses, urban conglomeration, or close proximities due to space travel. Whatever the cause, space will be at a premium. What your players find in their future-rooms whist exploring should reflect that mentality.

Folding Furniture Video Inspiration

Transportable Trappings

The gig economy is already upon us, and most made-up tomorrows take this idea of mandatory travel at a moment’s notice to the extreme – mass migrations of people who nomadically search for new resources to consume, outcast groups fleeing local upheavals, and wandering cyber-mercenaries looking for paydays. Space travel and planetary exploration is inherently mobile, as is off-the-grid living. Such a maneuverable lifestyle might warrant some ambulatory accessories to make moving days a little easier.

Off-Grid Inventions Video Inspiration

Digital Decor

Seeing how many devices most of us have in our modern homes, one can easily extrapolate into a future setting where just about everything under a roof (and probably the roof itself) is somehow connected to The Internet of Things. Assuming all our space snacks are able to order themselves when they get low and our robot vacuum/roommate changes the health-tracking toilet paper roll, we might look at what other possibilities could come to be in this electronic frontier that seems not so far away.

Funky Future Robot Apartment Inspiration Video

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