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New Campaign Backgrounds

Fresh Backgrounds For You!

A while back you may recall that we were looking to hire a background designer, and we are happy to announce that that role has been filled! Today we are rolling some out as we speak! You should see more backgrounds as time goes on on a pretty regular basis, each time I’ll give you guys an update here on the blog talking about each one a little bit. Remember that each background also comes with a complimentary color scheme for you campaign so that you can just plug it in and go get back to the important stuff!


Stretch Goal Updates

 The State of the Reforge

Greetings Portallers! It’s time for a big update regarding the Reforged stretch goals and what we’ve been doing behind the curtains for so long. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes crafting our stretch goals and making iterations on the site.

Below you’ll find a list of the current development items we’re working on. We’re excited to be bringing these new bells and whistles to the site and we can’t wait to see how everyone will put them to use.


Forum Updates: Subforums and Stickies

Over the past week we’ve quietly launched two new forum features: Subforums and Stickies. You can probably guess what they do, but here’s a quick rundown anyway


Campaign Calendar updates

We’ve listened to your feedback regarding the campaign calendars and now we’ve rolled out a handful of new features and improvements.


The in-game calendar – Why it’s tough

In Game Calendar

Highmoon, 448PK

Many people have seen the new campaign calendar and extended it to the next logical step: Why not create a calendar for your in-game time? On the surface, it seems like a good idea, and it’s definitely something I have struggled with in the past. Unfortunately, it’s a very tough problem, and the final result would probably not be what you imagine.


Search Reloaded

Ryan made some awesome updates to search over the past couple weeks, and they finally went out last night. I thought I’d give a quick rundown, although the best thing to do is try it out for yourself.

Cool new search stuff

More context

The formatting for the results is much nicer now, with more text for the wiki pages and adventure log posts. Before, a search hit just showed the name of the page and a link to it. As a bonus, the contextual text displayed is text where the search term was found.

Keyword highlighting

The search term you are looking for is automatically highlighted where found. This makes it much easier to quickly scan through the results.

Type filtering

By default, a search will return all kinds of results: characters, wiki pages, adventure log posts, and more. But, if you know exactly where you want to look, you can filter to restrict it to only the type of data you are looking for.

Go Ascendant for campaign-specific search

Remember, if you’re Ascendant, all your campaigns will have campaign-specific search enabled. This is much handier than using the sitewide search, since you can restrict the search to only your campaign’s content. It’s extremely handy, trust me! If you want to enable this awesome feature, tell your GM to Ascend Today!

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