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Thursday Feature – Let Your Players Surprise You

Author: Kallak

As the GameMaster, your approach to the campaign is obviously significantly different than that of the players. You fight to hold the middle ground between keeping the campaign “on track” while making sure you aren’t “railroading” the players through a linear and ultimately predictable plot. You strive to walk the tightrope of making truly awe-inspiringly bad ass memorable villains, while trying to not fall in love with them yourself so that you aren’t crushed when the players deliver the death blow – which more than likely comes in the most demeaning way imaginable after only a couple of rounds. There’s not much in the way of discovery or exploration for you like there is for the rest of the gaming group. You have the burden of advance knowledge.


Thursday Feature – Managing the Action Economy

Author: Kallak

If you’ve ever run a game where your ultimate villain got annihilated in two rounds because they were simply overwhelmed by the PCs before they could really do much of anything, then you’ve experienced being on the losing end of the Action Economy in, well… action. Simply put, more actions per round means you get more done, or you accomplish a goal in a shorter span of time. Whatever the objective, “more actions” tends to equate to more success – or at least more chances for success. And so, as the GM it falls to you to manage the Action Economy, as it can have large consequences on the game.


Site and Tech Updates (May 2016)

Greetings Obsidian Portal Community,

I’ll have to ask your forgiveness for this temporary interruption to our regularly scheduled lineup (and for the unexpected delay in getting it out to you), but it is my hope that you’ll indulge me a bit – and that you’ll find the following site and technical updates to be something that you’re also interested in reading about. It has been right about six months since our last technical update, so I think it’s fair to say we’re due.

Over the course of this week, I had the opportunity to find out what’s been going on behind the scenes, learn more about where things sit with the site right now, and get a sense of what’s coming down the proverbial pipe as time moves on.


Thursday Feature – Tracking Mass Combat: CCG Style

Author: Kallak

At some point in their career, every GM will inevitably run a mass combat. Maybe it’s all part of the campaign’s grand design – ‘the war to end all wars’; Maybe the battling hordes were supposed to be merely background description for the PCs’ mission and a few bad dice rolls put them in the middle of the jackpot; Maybe the Party kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest and was forced to “call the banners”. Whatever the case, refereeing both the Party’s combat, and the overall battle as a whole can be quite difficult to pull off smoothly.



Thursday Feature – What’s So Great About King Arthur Pendragon

Editor’s Note:
Hello everyone, and welcome to our first “What’s So Great About” article. This series will highlight the good, the bad and the unique about various roleplaying game systems – and then wrap things up with a recommendation from the author. Got a system you’d like to explore? Drop us a line via PM or the forums and we’ll add it to the queue.

Author: NikMak

Game Concept Synopsis

King Arthur Pendragon (KAP) is a granddaddy of RPGs. Greg Stafford (Chaosium founder) describes it as his masterpiece . The latest version (5.1) maintains the core concept of Arthurian literature, mythology and medieval history merged. Add to that one of the best campaign supplements ever written (The Great Pendragon Campaign) and it’s no surprise the game is still here. The system is loosely similar to the Basic Roleplaying System used in Chaosium games, but is d20 based.


Thursday Feature – Creating a Merged World – Part 2

Author: Keryth987

In our last episode, we discussed the bare basics to creating our Merged Campaign World/Universe, and set up the beginnings of an Obsidian Portal site for said campaign setting. We’re basing our Campaign on the Superpowered Beatdown Video which pitted Darth Vader against Gandalf the Grey. I recommend viewing the video for a better picture of where we will be starting. Skip ahead to 3:48 in the video for just the battle.

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